More thoughts on Paradox Spiral

  • They cut Alba’s attack and defense enchantment, would’ve been kino to watch and perhaps would make him look less pathetic, even if a bit.
  • I think they omitted the dialogue where Araya has concluded that the only way to reach the root is being born with the potential, being an innate ‘genius’. The conversation then goes on Shiki’s body and origin and all that jazz.
  • They removed Araya briefly asking Touko if she wanted to cooperate and how he was sure she’d reach the Root before him.
  • The amount of Araya backstory cut in the anime is a bit worrying. I think the manga had a better portrayal of his motives and character.
  • Araya and Shiki fighting midair was anime only, the actual deciding blow was Shiki jumping off a tenth floor while killing the compression force in the building.

Is this Altrouge Brunestud?

I’ve seen this pop up the last few weeks as people are eager to see what the ‘possible’ part 3 of Tsukihime containing Arc’s True Rote or the follow-up to Ciel Normal could have in store for us. And because of this black-haired maid drawn by Takeuchi from years ago supposedly featuring Altrouge.

The above illustration comes from a pair of books that came out some time in 2017 about the Maid Culture History in Japan. Both volumes had cover illustrations by Takeuchi. The second volume featured HisuKoha and the first an ‘original’ black-haired maid. People speculate this to be Altrouge due to a tweet from the writer in which the claims that apparently, according to Takeuchi, the character came from a vampire setting.

I read the second on on jaypee and it’s the first time I’ve heard about it. The rumor has it that in some online discussion, Takeuchi suggested to Nasu that they make Altrouge an Akihaface and that the idea stuck. People speculate that the black-haired maid is Altrouge.

Again, this is all speculation. If you want to share yours go ahead and drop a comment.

Kara no Kyoukai Manga Chapter 65

If memories can be recorded like images on film
why is it that for some reason we are able to forget?

All memories
are things that we forget on our own.

Those are only things you can’t bring to mind. Even you surely remember such things.

Unlike me, who cannot record (remember)
the memories of people are not forgotten.

almost six months since the last one holy shit


4gamer Interview with Kinoko Nasu and BLACK

Nasu: At that time, we were aiming to release it by the end of 2014, if everyone worked together the remaining year and half we should’ve been able to…but then, Aniplex asked us: ‘why don’t you try making a game for smarthphones?’ (bitter smile)

Nasu: We had assumed that the making of FGO would take us two years at best.[…]

4gamer: but things didn’t go that way, did they.

Nasu: …that’s exactly when the FGO hell began. TsukiRe, entered in essence, a frozen status. That being said, it was mostly Takeuchi and me who couldn’t move. The preparations on the script and assets progressed quietly.

Basically, screw FGO.

Here, I got ya the scoop. For more details, check the posts from this one onwards (‘Crown’ is yours truly). Or if you want a gist of the interview, check out Petrikow’s post.

Interview via 4gamer