the next worlds of TYPE-MOON

the next worlds of TYPE-MOON

This is a website TM had set up in order to announce what they denominated their “new worlds” back then on 2008. It featured Mahoyo,  Girls’ Work -when it was supposed to be a VN written by Hosihozora Meteor- and the first official announcement of the Tsukihime Remake.  You can tell time has passed by when you look at the remake designs and GW having a format switch from VN to anime.

Out of these three, only Mahoyo has been released. GW is forgotten and the Tsukihime Remake is coming soon. Reportedly, Nasu’s plan went as follows: Mahoyo 1st part -> Remake -> Mahoyo 2nd and 3rd parts.

As for GW, nobody really knows what happened. The domain is still up but no new info besides some character info and the visual key have been given. I’m not really sure if the ball is on ufotable’s side or TM has held them back. Mind you, iirc F/Z aired after this announcement and ufotable continued working on other series. I still remember when GW was announced, in less than a day, Shirube had art on pixiv, really amusing.

I had a copy of this site in some cd and to be honest, I don’t want to search for it, so I went to Wayback and thankfully, there were a few snapshots of the site. This copy was ripped off one 2009 snapshot.

Random thoughts on TM manga

Sharing some thoughts on TM manga. Let’s start with the ones I’m reading RAW:

Chibichuki: I reading until the FGO cast overtook the whole manga which of course is completely natural. Its roster is large and those volumes were probably released during its peak. If anybody’s curious about at which point this does happen, then from Vol.5 onwards. Very fun four volumes still worth checking out if you’re as biased as me.

The KnK manga is a very faithful adaptation worth checking out if you like KnK. Needless to say the experience isn’t as magical as the movies, so don’t set your expectations too high. Tenkuu has improved its art throughout the years but sadly you can see most progress starting from Spiral Paradox. These two are partially translated by yours truly – I can only assure that Oblivion Recorder will be finished.

Hibichika Time the 4-koma manga featuring Chikagi and Hibiki. To be honest, it’s quite average. I don’t really know if the format doesn’t help or if cute girls doing cute things doesn’t last enough for a whole volume based on it. That said, there are some really fun panels. I haven’t finished because the first third didn’t catchmy attention. It’s also a reason why I haven’t released a single chapter in spite of being supposedly working on it. I have twenty or something pages pending to edit that I have yet to find the energy for. I’d like to point out that Starlit Marmalade was released after this and having an actual story behind made Chikagi and Hibiki more likeable. Guess this one is something you pick up when bored and have to kill some time.

Reading in english:

The Canaan (can we even consider it TM) manga is boring. I couldn’t make it past chapter 2. Do yourself a favor and just watch the anime series. It seems like there’s a prequel called Canaan Sfiru, I’ll check it out and make a post about it some day.

Heaven’s Feel by Task is very well done. No complaints so far. Also I’d like to thank him for actually depicting not!Rin’s ero scene. It was really hot.

Fate/Strange Fake is amazing. I have nothing negative to say about it except the quality of the translation. The art is incredible; I’d dare to say, it’s the best ongoing TM manga series. F/SF and El- Melloi kept me from quitting TM before the Tsukihime remake.

El-Melloi manga is alright, the usual info dumps are still there  and the art is very good. Not much to say about it, it’s fine. Slow paced at times but the original work isn’t exactly fast either.

That’s all for now. I’m not reading anything TM related besides the aforementioned.