Wish List/Commissions

Last time I did this it ended up with Starlit Marmalade being translated. So why not give it another try. Currently looking for the following:


HibiChika Time : Managed to rip from BookWalker just fine, see this for example. It’s cheap but I cannot afford to spend on something not necessary at the moment, so we have a few options:

  1. Someone do the ripping for me, I’ll be your guide.
  2. Send me some data about your account so that I can rip it. These data will be used for one session only.
  3. Donate to buy it from BookWalker.


Currently open for Manga commissions, since I’m new to this world I’ll be sort of cheap. Send an e-mail to opsucks at cock.li to sort out the details. It’ll be faster if you request Type-Moon stuff since I’m already familiar with it. You can see my previous translations at mangadex and this blog.


If you have some spare change and want to express your gratitude towards what I do, you can donate via Paypal.

The connections of hollow that never came to be

Last night when I went to bed, one of those thoughts that assault you at 3AM came to get me. I recalled that hollow could’ve been something greater than it actually was. At least based on a  few quotes from Nasu, that’s it.


The first one revealed that Karen and Bazett were characters planned to show up in Tsukihime 2, but ultimately didn’t happen. Source is the good old humanity6’s entry about hollow material. I will look for that page and uploaded it here later.


It was revelead that Bazett and Karen were characters originally planned to show up in the setting of Tsukihime 2[…]

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Law of Contradiction: Ciel5

The rod returned to the barrel with a loud clank.

Bazett was nowhere to be found. It appears she had taken the chance to maker her escape.

It didn’t go as expected, but this is still fine. The shooter who has just disappeared was a nuisance.

She looked below.

Bringing him down twice didn’t damage Jude in any way. The pressure of the masses were still lying on the floor, squirming like worms. The overwhelming handicap was the same nonetheless.

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Does somebody else remember?


I just stumbled into this in some old folder. It’s from May 2012, I think. What’s so special about it? Nothing per se. It’s more about the context it was taken.

I remember watching a japanese channel via KeyholeTV? or some program like that. At some point, the leitmotiv of the Tsukihime theme began playing and a moon behind some clouds appeared, followed by some images and text that I think were related to the TYPE-MOON Fes (which makes sense, considering said event took place on July of same year); close-ups of Arc, Saber, Aoko and Shiki in that picture by the stairs that’s so iconic. It was so fast that I couldn’t take a screenshot of it. When I tried, I only managed to take pic related of these cards. IIRC, I think I was watching the F/Z anime.

It’s funny, because that was probably the closest the Tsukihime Remake got to be on TV, even if the purpose of the ad wasn’t that. Does somebody else remember this?