Tsukihime – A piece of blue glass moon release date, preorders opening and other info

The website has been updated with product info and other stuff. As usual, they offer both a Limited and Regular Edition for both physical and digital versions.

Release date:  August 26

Rating:  Cero Z

Preorder: Will open on the 31th of current month.

Physical Versions:

The Regular Edition will have cost 7700 yen. As for the Limited Edition, it will be 8800 yen and will also include extras, namely:

  • Tsukihime Material -material of blue glass moon-, approximately 100 pages.
  • A customized box by Takeuchi Takashi (guessing this is the game box).

Digital Versions:

The Regular Edition will cost 7700 yen. The Limited Edition called “Deluxe” however, will be available only for the PS4 with a price of 8250 yen and will only include as extra a digital version of the Tsukihime Material.

Tsukihime Remake Official Website

TM Times Vol.4

It’s not half an hour of just Tsuki anymore, it’ll include MB as well. What a bummer.

TM Times Vol.4

New stream on july 19th, 20:00 JST. It’ll have roughly 30 minutes of Tsukihime news.

It still feels kinda unreal that this is actually happening.