Wish List/Commissions


Empty at the moment. It’ll probably stay this way for a very long time.


Currently closed for Manga commissions, since I’m new to this world I’ll be sort of cheap. Send an e-mail to opsucks at cock.li to sort out the details. It’ll be faster if you request Type-Moon stuff since I’m already familiar with it. You can see my previous translations at mangadex and this blog.


If you have some spare change and want to express your gratitude towards what I do, you can donate via Paypal.

Hello, I’m still alive. Here’s a random Mahoyo gallery showing a convo between the Robin and Soujuurou.

What’s up?

Hello. If you look closely at the first page of the blog, you’ll notice that I no longer have any series in my wishlist. Well, this is thanks to a donator, aldeayeah.

The main issue with BookWalker ripping is that even if you manage to do it, the quality of the series depends on the publishers. When a publisher offers low quality images, even if you attempt to view at the “highest quality”, the result will be subpar at best. Above you’ll be able to see two pages that required some post-processing. That’s the best I can do without altering the images. Sometimes it’s kinda hard to tell apart the kanji for me but it’s still good enough. As you can see, there’s some difference in quality even in pages of the same book

Now the hardest part is finding the time to translate what with my current job. I have yet to figure out how I’d release such short chapters, maybe in batches, who knows; but rest assured, I’ll do it.