Fate/Apocrypha scans

First of all…

Fate/Apocrypha was a  MMO  game project  by Type-Moon which was dropped. In Fate/complete material IV some designs of the characters  can be seen. Among the list of the heroic spirits and whatsover which were chosen were the following:

Sabers: Joan of Arc, Siegfried
Lancers: Karna, Vlad III, Saito Musashibo Benkei
Archers: David, Atalanta
Riders: Saint George, Aistulf
Casters: Shakespeare
Assassins: Jack the Ripper, Semiramis
Berserkers: Frankenstein’s monster, Spartacus, Kintaro

(note: they were resized to create this gallery)

Thanks to arai

If the link goes dead, notice me and I’ll re-upload it.

Jack The Ripper as a loli? lol Yuichiro Higashide.

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