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Comment staff

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The first two are part of “Together anywhere” anybody who has read Take-Moon MUST LOVE this chapter, Arcueid comes to Misaki’s school but Ciel butts in to stop Arcueid. Why so perfect Arc…

And “Hinatanoyume” a chapter where  Illya and Taiga are sleeping in the futon and Illya (or should I say little devil?) manages to get Shirou…somehow…

Character Info (GET HYPE)

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Fate/Zero Ending theme announced

Assholes, they updated the day I don’t visit it,  seems like they update the site whenever they want.  (Yes I mad) Anyway.

“MEMORIA” by Aoi Eir

Release date October 19, 2011

Now the details, notice this was pasta

[Limited Edition] (CD + DVD)
SECL-1007 ~ 08 / \ 1,500 (tax included)
◆ “MEMORIA” with a DVD containing music videos
◆ animated illustrations wide cap sticker (TYPE-A)

[Limited Edition Specification (Normal Edition) (only CD)
SECL-1009 / \ 1,223 (tax included)
◆ animated illustrations wide cap sticker (TYPE-B)

[Limited Pressing (anime)] (CD + DVD)
SECL-1010 ~ 11 / \ 1,500 (tax included)
◆ TV anime “Fate / Zero” with a DVD with video trailer
Anime face drawn illustrations digipack.

Official Aoi Eir pages:

◇Official HP

Fate/Zero Official Website
Now I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of her until now. So I decided that we need to check her voice beforehand.

Here we go:

– Go to

-Click one her NicoNico Douga links I picked this one since includes many songs.

-In case you don’t have an account there alternatively use the Nicovideo redirector.


I’m curious about what kind of music F/Z is going to have (knowing Yuki should be something classy).