Fatal Zero Action

  • What’s this?

It’s a new Game developed by Light’s (the same creators of Fatal Fake and Fatal Crucis Fake )

  • Cool, is it another fighter then?

No, the game is a Beat ’em Up (like Streets of Rage,  the Sengoku saga, etc.

  • Any release date?

From what I read there is none.

PC Requirements:

3D action game

  • OS: WindowsXP,  WindowsVista, Windows7
  • CPU: Undecided
  • Memory: Undecided
  • Sound card: DirectX8 or higher compatible sound card
  • Video Card: Undecided
  • HDD: Undecided
  • Peripheral: Keyboard
  • GamePad for Windows (twin analog sticks and controllers such as XBOX PS)

Some screentshots here:

More screenshots at the “Screenshotz” (lol) section.

Light’s Website

Still  on an early state but it’s looking good, honestly I can’t wait for it. I loved kicking ass with Avenger and Bazett in Crucis.


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