Fate/Extra CCC website updated 8/09/11

“Fate/EXTRA” New Work
The drowning night begins.

The stage of the fight shifts from the near side of the moon (EXTRA) to the far side (CCC).

Fate/EXTRA painted the picture of a Holy Grail War in cyberspace, on the stage of the near-future of 2032.
Now, a completely new work spun from that “what-if” story appears!

The stage is similar to that of Fate/EXTRA.
However, a fatal error has occurred in the spiritual computer generating the world of EXTRA, and the state of the world itself has mutated. From this, an entirely new story develops!

The key to everything is the girl known as a character from the “Fate” series, Sakura.

This rewritten Holy Grail War…
This obscene, voluptuous story… now, the curtain rises!

“Girl’s Passion”, and a love poem that scorches the moon.
On the stage of this collapsed Holy Grail War, the tale of one more “EXTRA” is told.

Fate/Extra CCC Official Website

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