Fate/Zero Episode 1 Images + Extra

Largest post of this blog. Goddamn

Oh yeah, when I was watching F/Z through Keyhole (yes I’m an impatient bastard) watched a commercial of the oncoming Carnival Phantasm 2nd season, sadly, since it was Japanese TV I couldn’t get the images I would had liked to.

(Only managed to get this)

There were also images of Rider stomping on Shinji, Akiha (probably part of the Phantasmoon segment)


5 responses to “Fate/Zero Episode 1 Images + Extra

  1. Awesome episode is awesome, yes?

    And watch it off Nico Nico Douga instead. They went through all the trouble to make it legally available to us, we’d might as well not let them down and watch it off pirated steams.

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