Fate/Zero ED original paintings


I think it’s pretty obvious.

Taken from


2 responses to “Fate/Zero ED original paintings

  1. Thanks for cross-posting this. Very neat! I especially love their adaptation of the painting of Alexander! I wish they had all been based off of paintings like that.

    Coincidentally, have you ever seen Elfen Lied? The OP to that anime does something similar. Search for “Elfen Lied Opening & Gustav Klimt” on Youtube or similar. You’ll find fan-made videos which juxtapose or compare the two, Elfen Lied’s drawings and Klimt’s original paintings. I guess it would lose its novelty were everyone to start doing this, but I sure do love stuff like this and am excited to learn that ufotable did the very same thing with the Fate/Zero ED. :)

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