Regarding Mahoyo…

I decided to inquire the man who translated KnK about Mahoyo.


So exactly what are your plans in Mahoyo? translating and transcribing or working in a translation patch?

We’re getting a demo this December 15, that’s why I’m curious.

cokesakto :

Ideally, it would be a translation patch, but I don’t know if I or my friends have the technical know how to do it. All depends on the game engine. It’s probably going to be easy enough to extract the text, translate it, and arrange it in the right way. But I don’t really know about putting it back in the game. At the very least, I will in all likelihood take care of the textual portion of the job. And yes, I will also most likely work on translating the demo coming in December as well.


One response to “Regarding Mahoyo…

  1. Excellent news. Of course, there’s still the matter of if/when the full game will actually be released. Still, I’m delighted that there are already intentions of translating it.

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