Carnival Phantasm EX leaked screenshots

Also there is the cover for the oncoming Melty Blood X second volume. And fuck yes, more Tsukihime cast.

In addition these are the rumored  contents of the EX Season. Anybody into moonrunes that would like to translate will be very welcome. Disregard that. Thanks to a kind anon in /a/

Ahnenerbe “One-time occasion”
ChoiTsuki “It’s my friend”
Junction “Drunk”
Junction “Free Trial”
Gorenya part. 1
Gorenya part. 2
Gorenya part. 3

Junction “Movies”
Phantasmoon THE MOVIE
ChoiTsuki “NRVNQSR”
Choitsuki “It’s a challenge”
Junction “Recession”
Taiga Dojo Travel Version

Ok, this surpassed Season 2 by much. Looks a lot funnier.


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