Thank you very much to all my readers. Those who have only found this site by mere casuality is fine too. These stats increases my motivation to keep me blogging. Specially because I made this a News site and not a Download dump one. I had made this blog some months ago but I never decided to use it (it was supposed to be a one-man-scanlation project)

At that time I was in some forums and imageboards related to Type-Moon, used to post News and that sort of stuff, it was then when I thought: “Posting this in many sites is a fucking bother, I better revive that blog I created” And the story so far is what you see.

Let allow ourselves to meet a next time. Hopefully 100000 views will be subject.

Arc cosplaying Rin with her outfit from Fate/Extra.
Contain your orgasms.

Thanks to the drawfriend who worked on my request.

-Sincerely yours, Salamander.


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