Carnival Phantasm EX screenshots and thoughts

Oh god. Type-Moon sure knows how to make fanservice. I AM PLEASED. Specially because of the Tsukihime cast.  The Prologue and Epilogue were exactly what I wanted. I loved the detail they kept the Doraemon-style shot. The Phantasmoon Movie was pretty good if you ask me, so were the Lens. Karen and Bazett making their debut was priceless. I encourage you to watch this. In my opinion better than the Second boring Season.


5 responses to “Carnival Phantasm EX screenshots and thoughts

  1. Sorry Salamander, this Extra is only one episode (20m long)? or like 1 and 2 BD are 4 episode in one BD? [i’ve to order the 2°bd + take moon limited, and may i’ll add this exxtra at the list x3}

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