Tsuki No Sango translation [fragment]

Hey, atleast there is someone working on it.

Many thanks to Elf from MCAnime. Even though he has exams he is working on this.

Tsuki no Sango (The Coral of the Moon / The Moon’s Coral)

Although it sounds like a lie, my grandmother is a form with human shape that comes from the Moon.

This year has finally approached its end.

The eleventh night of full moon. After one month and later on, this year will end and a new one will begin without any promises.

Until then, we have no guarantee that we will still be alive, not even as the transparent jellyfish have.

For today’s humanity, time has been lost. Only the word “death” is applied to everything. I have heard that people from the past had more clear value than now. They used to think that the calendar was not something to be consumed by using, but something to be rotated, something that went on circles.

In short, they reused the same source of information. But there is a limit to savings. Although they say that people from the past were too extravagant, for us they were great savers.

Now it’s about year 3000 AD.

Even though humanity met its end way before now, even though there is no guarantee that every day will come, though there’s no fight because of it, and even though every civilization that people had piled up for more than one thousand years were thrown away at the sky, I am, as always, looking down upon the shore from the hills of the island, slightly ignoring all the marriage proposals until now.

“Water in the sky. The sky on the water. In the Moon’s sky, there is a sea that got torn apart.”

When I look at the shinning sea, a song I learned from my grandmother slips from my mouth unconsciously.

To be exact, the song was passed down through generations from my great-great-grandmother. Even if I understand the lyrics, I don’t get the meaning behind it. I guess I am talking badly about my grandmother, but it’s kind of too girly. The end is so near, but she looked like a person inside a dream.

It looks like my mother, my grandmother and my great-grandmother shared the same tastes and they were incredibly beautiful, unlike me, unfortunately, who is of poor quality. I am not beautiful as my mother and I lack girlishness. But it must be thanks to this island that I get proposed so many times.

“Huh? Are you returning home now, King of Arishima?”

When I looked up the sky, while feeling the gentle breeze, I saw a black plane flying.


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