T-M Ace Vol. 7 regarding Fate/Apocrypha

  • The introduction of the story will be called “ACT 1”
  • The number of Servants present will be 14
  • And the story will continue in the future
  • Yes, loli Jack is on it

For those wondering there was no talk about ever making a game.


6 responses to “T-M Ace Vol. 7 regarding Fate/Apocrypha

      • Well, you get the point, I really hate it when T-M genderbens a historical figure(although Loli Jack wasn’t designed by T-M), and not just the genderbend, they had to make Jack the Ripper a loli, I think it’s really stupid

    • Scratch that. I want that Sasaki guy from Sumisora to clean those Aoko pictures. He is like a wizard.

      The scans will sooner or later be available we should be thankful of that.

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