Some Mahoyo info

And yes, thank god for the timezones. We’ve got some pictures from the Type-Moon Ace Vol. 7

This time, credit goes to StrayWolf for the text. (I was able only to get the pictures)

But that’s not the only project Type-moon had in their hands, apparently they had a crossover planned too with a sequel of an RPG called Lord of Vermillion.  Here are some pictures that got leaked from the Type Moon Ace Vol 7.

Koyama said in the interview included in the TMA7, that they have put priority to the project and only 3% of the overall is left to completion, though the script and lines keep changing even at this stage.

Nasu apologises to all the TM fans that were waiting for Mahoyo in the first release date, he’s really really sorry. And that’s one of the reasons why they’re bundling the Mahoyo Trial with the magazine, so you can live a more vivid experience playing Mahoyo, yeah Mahoyo is set on winter, this Christmass was the perfect date to deliver this, or so that’s what I got from the badly translated text.

Now something I actually typed:

> – The current development status?

> The graphic part is almost done.
>First scenario is completed, they have now to proceed according to the order script
>New picture element materials are available at any time
>About 90% or so
> Debugging tasks still left

>Demo trial lenght
>About an hour to play

(looking good there, Miss Blue)

Well that being said  let’s just wait for a translation. And enjoy something non-fate (thank you good lord)



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