Tsuki No Sango translation [ongoing]

Hey, atleast there is someone working on it.

Many thanks to Elf from MCAnime.

Fixed and translation added by Elf

Tsuki no Sango (The Coral of the Moon / The Moon’s Coral)

Its energetic motor sound can be heard.
The last ancient relic, which rises up covering the moonlight, and its resonance. The iron fuselage, which shines faintly, yet clearly, is flying east.
One out. Including him, this is the sixteenth time.
Besides, this one is a new record. I have always been refusing their proposals by making unreasonable demands any time they came and visited me. Although I would get angry because of an unprecedented situation that happens on this island, I couldn’t help it for today. He was the bad one for coming on the day of full moon. He was the type of man I would like to tell to read the current situation. There is less oxygen left, but if we are going to talk about love, I wish he did consider the time beforehand.
I live in a small colony with a population less than 50 people. The continent with the city stands on the other side of the sea, far away from this island. There is no harbor here, but there are unique coral reefs all over the crescent-shaped shore. These coral reefs are normal things to the inhabitants of this place, but it seems that they are as valuable as jewels to outsiders.
Since my grandmother’s generation, this island has been treated as a sanctuary. As coming to this place from the sea is prohibited, only people with airplanes or any other valuable objects can land here. The reason why I am called a princess is because they think this place is very special to them. They say that it’s their only star of hope for the revival of mankind, though to us, it’s an absolutely ordinary place, where we wouldn’t care much about the end.
“But it’s a pity. Even if he can fly to the sky, I guess it’s impossible to bring a fish from the Moon.”
Every time I get proposed, I always make unreasonable demands on the suitors.
This time’s demand was a fish of the Moon

The Moon is a unidirectional world. There still exists a way to go there, but there seems to be no way to come back. The fact of going to the Moon sounds realistic, but you won’t be able to return to Earth. A realistic world of death I can observe while being alive.
Well, I guess I was too harsh on the King of Arishima for telling him to travel to the Moon. Besides, I also told him to get a fish that doesn’t even exist in the first place. It would be normal of him to go away, being angry at me.
But I do swear, that I really meant it.
I prepared myself to devote my life to guess who would succeed my challenges.
But only that, as I cannot predict love. Even though many things disappeared from this planet, they say that the most important thing is the feeling of love a person has towards others.

Some years later, after the Moon became a world of death.
No. From the very beginning, it was a world of death to humans, so maybe it would be more appropriate to say that it returned to its original state.
The project of emigration to the Moon was one of the measures that took the human population, which grew a lot more. The Moon became a new settlement and the people that emigrated there started to build cities, making a new country in the end.
But after that, a catastrophe came. Although there was a bigger problem on Earth because of the pole shift, what happened to the humanity was the most critical thing, and a formless ending role as well.
How to say it…
Mankind lost their passions all of a sudden.
Those were the fervor for development, the fervor for understanding and the fervor for propagation.


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