Tsuki No Sango translation [ongoing]

May Crimson Moon bless you, Elf

Many thanks to Elf from MCAnime.

Translation  by Elf

Story is starting to show its true colors.

Tsuki no Sango (The Coral of the Moon / The Moon’s Coral)

It’s not something like “my son locked himself up in his house” kind of thing. All human beings began to stop caring about anything that would happen to this world. Some of them carried most of their belongings to the other side of the planet.

Even if there is nothing left on Earth, people can still live there.

But in the Moon, nobody can live without their relics.

In other words, these human beings…

“Your sole duty is to preserve the wisdom of humanity. To be frank, we’re tired of it.”
Saying this, they entrusted everything to the Moon.

Only half a century later, the Moon and Earth ended their means of communication. Mankind from each planet didn’t have anything else to exchange to each other, so they just closed the door. After all, people from Earth can live without any problems with their own resources, while people from the Moon already have all their needs in their environment.

The reason why the moonlight was extinguished seems to have been because of something that happened several decades later since then.

Meanwhile, the population on Earth started to decrease.

They lost their interest to propagate anyway. If we leave them be, this species will disappear in about 50 years. Even though they are just living the way they want, since there is one “weirdo” out of ten people making an effort to live, they are able to exist until now.

Sincere people caring about others when there’s a lot to take care for themselves. These rare people got together and made an “old-fashioned” human assembly, a living sphere known as the city department, though I don’t know much about them as I have never visited to that place.

It is called the Humanity Reconstruction Committee. A movement about going back to the basics of life. They say that love is very fundamental.

I really don’t know what to say. It isn’t something bad, but I don’t know what they mean by understanding each other and I can’t even imagine that situation. Is it really a good thing? One thing for sure is that it won’t only cause problems. It would be much better if they gave mutual assistance with something more systematical. There would be reassurance, self-interest and a specific job. Understanding the mind of a person that you can’t even see it is not quite credible.

Thus, the reason why I always make unreasonable demands every time I get proposed is because, as I cannot predict love, I just want the suitors to make it possible. If they can get into their hands the valuable object I ask for and furthermore change it, it will prove me that this person really needs me.

Even if I like men and humans, I can’t understand what love is. But I am happy this way too. After all, we live in a world where we can do whatever we want, as long as we have the sun, water and oxygen. Oh, but I cannot get rid of my hatred for this fact, that mankind will end because of it…

“The stars are shinning. The sea is rising. The coral is singing, as it is yearning.”

“Like the jellyfish, we spend our time going around…”

Singing in the middle of a dark field, I start spinning around.

“Oh, so comparing life with a jellyfish? That’s kind of lively, you know.”

A voice interrupting my soliloquy.

It was a voice of a man, as if it was covered by a stage curtain I couldn’t see.

“Excuse me. Are you…?”

I turn around as he’s called my name and see a strange thing floating.

A vehicle made of tin, as small as a lunchbox. It looks like a ship transporting sashimi.

Riding on top of it, there is something like a doll made of tin, as expected. The surface of the doll is smooth as a kettle and it is also featureless. In its head, there is a transparent eyehole, but as it is reflecting the moonlight, I cannot see what’s in it.

Anyway, he called my name, so I should at least answer him.

“Hi. Nice to meet you… Shall I be saying?”

“You are polite too. I am this kind of man.”

The tinplated man took out a tiny little paper. I don’t know for what use it is, but as he’s given it to me politely, I’ve accepted it in the same way.

“Did you come from outside the island?”

“Yes. I came here to meet you. If it doesn’t mind you at all, can we have a conversation?”

This time, I couldn’t help but open my eyes widely and blink them consecutively because of his actions. A new suitor. What a surprise. While it’s true I met many different kind of people, it’s my first time meeting with someone with a size I could hold with my own hand.

“Not at all. My job is to deliver things. The reason I came to this island is 50% for work and the other 50% for personal hobby.”

The voice that sounds as if it was covered by a curtain. Is it because of that outfit?

A tiny ship floating around and the kind of visitor I have never seen in my life.

As I couldn’t suppress my curiosity, I ended up staring at him, instead of having a conversation.

Not caring about my reaction, the tinplated man started talking about today’s time, the year, the weather, and such. It looks like we’ll have an idle chat. I just moderately take what he said and answer him shortly, of course. So, the conversation didn’t advance at all.


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