Just thought this part was funny.

Thanks to Lianru from BL who helped me with some lines.


Then, another year passed. 2005.

Because it’s my birthday, Touma-san brought me gifts. Certainly, they were not meant for my health -she said- rather, for “that person’s” birthday”.

“However, it’s classified, and can only be put once again, so look carefully. This is that person’s own wish.”

Touma-san opens the laptop, makes double click in ‘FH 5. 2. 13’ the filename document for the video file.

“Touma-san, what does FH stand for?”

“Do not ask me, this is the prank of that mischievous band of hospital co-workers. Estimating what the acronym is for, F is probably for flame, and H maybe for hatchet.”

By the way, hatchet is the kind of sawing wood with a thick long hammer.

“……Oh, however, this is the eighties’ taste, Touma-san.”

“They all said it was a name given by those colleagues at the hospital, I also agreed anyway ——it began, right here, eh? however, do you really want to see? excellent, the emotion is understandable—— so they said.”

Cut, what?! did that guy think he is a ninja do?

“Ah, it doesn’t matter, what? Is this only concerned about my mental disorders?”

“Are you in a bad mood because of those who made such cooperation? worry not, I do not intend to join them, is not that obvious?”

Video length two minutes over.

Seems to be a place located at an stadium, similar to a gym, while striking a sandbag stands a mysterious beauty. Because is only the video tape, she did not see the camera. I have no way to make any comments.

A long chain of sandbags hanging, like dolphins at an aquarium, merrily flying.

“The heck is this?”

“The image of the monitor shut down. Anyway, having been recorded is the one who asked to send you this to watch. Two years have passed, she does not want you to forget her, and so wants you to see what she looks like today.”


So, to say, that girl should be seventeen years old nowadays, right.

To think this way of such a cutie, I felt strange ——strange!

Absolutely not! That sandbag weights less than a hundred pounds right?!

“Let me rewind it, right here. Do you have any comments?.”

……no way. Something I originally did not want to ask, but not asking would not make any sense, although there are many things worth to explore in depth…however what I am the most concerned about is——

“So yeah……that girl has grown up?”

“Oh? yes. She has become an adult.”

“I am not saying this, from the more……biological point of view.”

The conversation ended.

Touma-san sharply put away the laptop, drank the remaining coffe in one breath, and then went straight to the door.

“Ah!, I can only say some words——to have a younger sister in puberty is truly not easy, specially when you are her older brother.”

Ironicallly, Touma Mato smiled and walked away.

……I was shocked.

Must not she be allowed to not joke? How should I say it……just a moment ago, now it was not an illusion, right Tomato-san?


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