Fate/stay night Realta Nua – Heaven’s Feel

The last part of the re-release is out.

Official Website

Don’t feel like typing much tonight.


月姫2? Why Nasu





Maybe if we keep on believing, it migth eventually come true.


In hollow material when revealing that Bazett and Caren were originally Tsukihime 2 (what a twist) characters they stated to be working on a vivid appearance of Tsukihime 2. Yeah, The Dark Six.

So they made a request to us of waiting patiently for it. This is all assuming we’re talking after the Remake. A couple of years surely. Good news huh?


Music, music and more music

Browsing through the old topics on Mirrormoon I noticed this thread. And the idea of archiving these for future usage surged on my mind. Sadly, many of the links were already dead and had to do  research for all of them. In a nutshell, the content of this post is:

  • Melty Blood arrangements
  • Some Tsukihime arrangements for piano. Sheets from the Tsukihime Piano Charm Fandisc.

MB and Tsukihime sheets, find them at the Misc Tsukihime stuff