Thank you based Tsuki-kan

I am not dead, despite the lack of entries.

This time I’ll link you to Tsuki-kan. Which update brought many goodies.

More content! Aside from the Afterword section that was added to Kanwa Tsukihime, we present you Staff Roundtable – The First Night and Staff Roundtable – The Second Night! They are both quite old, but contain some juicy info on our favorite Tsukihime heroines. Also added is a small page on the model Arcueid is based on.

A must-read.

Via Tsuki-kan

3 responses to “Thank you based Tsuki-kan

  1. That’s good to know, btw I’m not dead too, but there haven’t been much news lately. It’s comprehensible the lack of posts. Maybe I shouldn’t mention this here but Salamander, would you like to play melty this sunday? go to irc #eclipse on rizon, I’ll be there the whole day… or you could suggest an alternative for communication… mail me if you accept or if your not busy.

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