I’m not going to translate all this. Here is the Top 10 – females.

1. Ryougi Shiki – Kara no Kyoukai (1263 pt)
2. Saber – Fate/stay night (820 pt)
3. Caster – Fate/EXTRA (727 pt)
4. Mato Sakura – Fate/stay night (520 pt)
5. Kohaku – Tsukihime (425 pt)
6. Arcueid – Tsukihime (410 pt)
7. Tohsaka Rin – Fate/stay night (335 pt)
8. Saber – Fate/EXTRA (334 pt)
9. Katsuragi Chikage – TM Mobile (330 pt)
10. Hisui – Tsukihime (276 pt)

Archer (Fate)(475pt)
Nanaya Shiki (Merubura)(237pt)
Emiya Shirou (Fate)(210pt)
Lancer (Fate) (203pt)
Iskandar (Fate)(179pt)
Gilgamesh (Fate)(148pt)
Emiya Kiritsugu (Zero)(95pt)
Waver Velvet (Zero)(73pt)
Tohno Shiki (Tsukihime)(69pt)

I might point out some things regarding the males poll. No wonder, Fate/Zero anime really helped a lot of Zero characters. Fucking fujoshi. Yet nobody can’t beat the swag of Nanaya.



Go nuts.

Because some faggots don’t believe it:
>『TYPE-MOON』 第2回、まほ箱の全キャラ人気投票結果発表! 女性1位は両儀式 男性1位はアーチャー
> まほ箱

Bamboo Broom will attend COMITIA

Through the list of circles to assist and take part of  the 100th’s COMITIA* edition, is found that Takeuchi and Nasu’s doujin circle created in the former years of teamwork ‘Bamboo Broom’ will attend the said convention.

It’s a convention held four times each year, and unlike the Comiket, COMITIA accepts only original work.

Whenever I happen to  discover further information I will update this entry.


Mahoyo OST releaste date announced

Sony Music aka music jews announced the Original Soundtrack for the said game. Its release date is May 9. The OST will be formed of three CDs. The already known for every Type-Moon fan member, KATE and Hideyuki Fukasawa (another known music, works for CAPCOM) are in charge of the compositions.  With a price of 3990¥ (check your respective currencies).

Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Original Soundtrack