Type-Moon Outlines Future Plans

Good, ANN saved me up the time to type all this.

Shameless quote.

In an interview with the Japanese gaming website 4Gamer, Type-Moon writer Kinoko Nasu, artist Hirokazu Koyama, and producer Monoji Tsukuri discussed the game developer’s future plans. Nasu first revealed that their recent Mahō Tsukai no Yorugame has two sequels in the works, and that the the series’s story “starts in earnest” with the second game.

Nasu then went on to note that Type-Moon‘s first priority is to complete the currently-delayed Fate/Extra CCC RPG, but that they are also simultaneously working on the remake of their Lunar Legend Tsukihime game. Finally, when asked about the status of the third volume of his DDD novel series, Nasu answered that work on it will start after the Mahō Tsukai no Yoru series is finished.


Haha, no DDD3 after 10 years.

But fuck all that. Remake is still going on.

Best day in this whole month. Lady Luck hasn’t forsaken me.

Tsukihime 3000 and news regarding the remake?


Oh almighty rikai-chan, lend me thy power.

So, in a nutshell it says;

>”Tsuki no Sango” is the concept of “Tsukihime 3000” (as if in the Tsukihime world year 3000?)

>Something about working in the plot of the Remake? now that he finished writting the Melty Blood’s Princess Arc scenario.

>And apparently, the grandma’s nickname is Silicon-chan? ahaha.

The Bamboo Broom COMITIA’s attendance

Even though  is of my knowledge that a really few percent of people have read Tsuki no Sango, I will regardless of this, proceed to make this an informative post.

Around month and half ago, The Bamboo Broom (T-M doujin circle) announced its appearance in COMITIA.

As you may have read in the previous post, COMITIA accepts only original work. After a while, the works to be presented in the event by Nasu and Takeuchi were revealed:

Add Kara no Kyoukai and you got ’em al!

These are some shady projects I don’t expect lots to know about its existence. But fret not. I shall go on with the explanation.

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An announcement from cokesakto

“So, now to deal with Mahoyo. As I have previously said, I will be translating the game. Though work and other hobbies have slowed me down from even finishing it, rest assured, I will do it. Now, believe it or not, I’ve been listening to all of the criticisms I’ve found of my work, and I hear you guys. You want me to use already established fandom terms? Sure, I can work with that. The style will remain more or less the same however,  since I’m still of the opinion that natural-sounding dialogue and narration is the most important thing. Honorifics and such are in, due to style guide requirements (see next paragraph).”

“And yes, for those of you concerned, I will have an editor. As a matter of fact, I’ll be working with the guys at Amaterasu Translations to get this whole thing out the door. It’ll be my first time working with a team, but this entire thing has been a succession of firsts for me. Translating has been a learning process for me, and it’s the feedback that gets me to improve. With any luck, I’ll be doing this translation with a relatively relaxed but scheduled regimen, so we can all read it as soon as possible.”

Empty Boundaries – Murder is love


The Future is promising.

Type-Moon Fes website updated

First, let me clarify a few things I wasn’t able to at the proper time.

The Type-Moon Fes will be held during two days  (July 7 and 8) , during the first day of the Fes the Fate cast will attend the event, whereas the Tsukihime/MB cast in the last day.

The list of the current cast can be seen here. I’m not going to bother in translating them all.

The update this time was the addition of the Fate/Zero performers  (Aoi Eiru, LiSA, Haruna Runa).

Said event seems to be composed of great individuals, I seriously hope we get something equally amazing .

Oh, that’s right. Let me tell you something. Around two weeks ago when I was watching Fate/Zero (stream obviously) I got shocked when I heard “in the moonlight” playing along with a picture of the moon. Of course, this was a CM for the Fes, nonetheless it excited me to believe they planned something Tsukihime related.