Type-Moon Fes website updated

First, let me clarify a few things I wasn’t able to at the proper time.

The Type-Moon Fes will be held during two days  (July 7 and 8) , during the first day of the Fes the Fate cast will attend the event, whereas the Tsukihime/MB cast in the last day.

The list of the current cast can be seen here. I’m not going to bother in translating them all.

The update this time was the addition of the Fate/Zero performers  (Aoi Eiru, LiSA, Haruna Runa).

Said event seems to be composed of great individuals, I seriously hope we get something equally amazing .

Oh, that’s right. Let me tell you something. Around two weeks ago when I was watching Fate/Zero (stream obviously) I got shocked when I heard “in the moonlight” playing along with a picture of the moon. Of course, this was a CM for the Fes, nonetheless it excited me to believe they planned something Tsukihime related.

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