The Bamboo Broom COMITIA’s attendance

Even though  is of my knowledge that a really few percent of people have read Tsuki no Sango, I will regardless of this, proceed to make this an informative post.

Around month and half ago, The Bamboo Broom (T-M doujin circle) announced its appearance in COMITIA.

As you may have read in the previous post, COMITIA accepts only original work. After a while, the works to be presented in the event by Nasu and Takeuchi were revealed:

Add Kara no Kyoukai and you got ’em al!

These are some shady projects I don’t expect lots to know about its existence. But fret not. I shall go on with the explanation.

Let’s start

1.-Tsuki no Sango :  It’s a short story written by Nasu and Illustrated by Takeuchi for Sakamoto Maaya’s Full Moon Recital Hall. Originated from the sai-zen online magazine. Which consists of Maaya reading stories in a theater with an animation displaying as the background.

The story itself narrates the journey of an astrounaut, who, sick of the earth’s current state flies to the moon to settle and clear his mind. Just to found and meet things he would never have imagined.

Another elaborated post regarding this along with media content can be found here.

2,- Kyoto in the Spring : Is not completely a Type-Moon work. In the Comiket 77, RubiconHearts a new artists circle. Invited  guests artists to participate in a doujinshi. This was called Kyoto, Spring. Takashi Takeuchi drew illustrations for this. The sole and main reason of creating this was stated to show the beauty of Kyoto.

3.- Kara no Kyoukai : Not gonna bother with this one.

Now if you tolerated the walltext you must be rewarded. This is a gift to you.

Haru to Tuki to Sora to


Some really good contents can be appreciated:

Personally I found more interesting the Tsuki no Sango drawings, probably because I had already seen the rest.

6 responses to “The Bamboo Broom COMITIA’s attendance

      • I actually found that on zerochan and thought it was part of Tsuki no Sango…shows my understanding of moonspeak :P

  1. Tsuki no Sango comitia’s doujin will be un unrelated doujin to the bk story, or it’s impossible to know actually?
    And Haru to Tuki to Sora to, instead, is a bk filled with kyoto’s spring image or a new bunch of pictures?
    Thanks for the post and the hard work x3.

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