Type-Moon Outlines Future Plans

Good, ANN saved me up the time to type all this.

Shameless quote.

In an interview with the Japanese gaming website 4Gamer, Type-Moon writer Kinoko Nasu, artist Hirokazu Koyama, and producer Monoji Tsukuri discussed the game developer’s future plans. Nasu first revealed that their recent Mahō Tsukai no Yorugame has two sequels in the works, and that the the series’s story “starts in earnest” with the second game.

Nasu then went on to note that Type-Moon‘s first priority is to complete the currently-delayed Fate/Extra CCC RPG, but that they are also simultaneously working on the remake of their Lunar Legend Tsukihime game. Finally, when asked about the status of the third volume of his DDD novel series, Nasu answered that work on it will start after the Mahō Tsukai no Yoru series is finished.


Haha, no DDD3 after 10 years.

But fuck all that. Remake is still going on.

Best day in this whole month. Lady Luck hasn’t forsaken me.

5 responses to “Type-Moon Outlines Future Plans

  1. no DDD? hell, I’ll read it once he finishes it.
    Tsukihime remake? Best news since the launch of Mahoyo. And the only thing that would top that is the translated Mahoyo.
    I wonder how long ’till the next one…if you end it ends on a cliffhanger I just won’t know what I’ll do.

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