TYPE-MOON 10TH Anniversary Poll

It’s time to vote.


Deadline is 24 of this month.

My votes should be obvious.


18 responses to “TYPE-MOON 10TH Anniversary Poll

      • I wanted to request one vector or two. DAGA SHIKASHI

        I wanna know if you have any standards to choose the pictures you work with. Such as resolution, quality, etc.

      • I don’t really have a standard per se, is more like I work in anything I feel like doing at that moment. And I have worked vectors with low ress photos before. But I can’t tell you a date right now ’cause I need to work in a diorama, there’s going to be an anime expo where I live and I wanna show part of my figma collection in a special way. So feel free to send them to me, you know the address. I’ll probably start working in whatever you have in mind after finishing with the translation of the Berserk movie and that diorama.

      • Juusan is right. I meant Cock Robin. That bird is just too awesome.
        By the way, in some other blog a guy translated the last question as “how many times did Robin appear in the game”. But, to be fair, I think your translation makes far more sense.

  1. The choice was tough, so many good characters to choose from, then I voted for Grail-kun because someone has to vote for the underdog.

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