TYPE-MOON FES 2nd Day Report

Male poll

  1. Archer (FSN)
  2. Rider (Zero)
  3. Gilgamesh
  4. Kiritsugu
  5. Shirou
  6. Waver
  7. Lancer (FSN)
  8. Kirei (Zero)
  9. Kariya
  10. Kirei (FSN)


Prisma Illya news

PRISMA☆ILLYA will be out in 2013 and the studio in charge is Silver Link.  The director is confirmed as Shin Oonuma (Tasogare Otome x Amnesia).

MBAACC Rev 1.4


Get it


-Fixed Arcade and PC Bounce Limit System difference
-C-KohaMech throw doesn’t reset Bounces anymore
-CHF Archetype flight now have a limited time. After this limit, she lands without doing nothing

They updated to 1.4 to fix “netplay speed decrease”

Since the certain board we use to post the cracked versions seems dead (;_;) I’ll post it later.

It’s up again, finally. That was close.