So today, I just decided to type “junktheeater” in google and I was suprised that my blog was suggested.


(for those pondering, yes that youtube channel is one of mine, unused but mine after all [I had another which I doubt someone here knows about])

Before reading my rant, you perhaps would like to play something. A simple suggestion.

Running this blog has been quite a feat and happy task for me.

Back then in the beginning I intented to make this a spanish scanlation site. The site looked very ugly and had not a single hit, and then I quit for a period. However, as the time progressed I was bitten by a little bug which gave me the idea and urge to create a blog for nothing but Type-Moon (which is probably my favorite franchise). The rest is the story so far.

My main interest and objective is to be helpful, regardless of the situation I switched to this mindset. One of my “secondary” objectives is to ablaze once again the Tsukihime fanbase and franchise -I don’t hate Fate- by adding miscellaneous content about it. Fortunately the Remake will be out soon (;_;) thus once it’s out prepare your body, since a Tsukihime flood will put in an appearance.

As for my personality, neutrality is my trait and a standpoint. So don’t expect me to jump over your throats for making any comment. Fuck, this is the internet. There are those who are intelligent and those who don’t know they’re intelligent. Feel free to comment, that way I know what you think/like/dislike and the sort.

For those wondering and to show how much I appreciate the support or even the seconds you take to look at this blog, I’ll post the views since the creation.


Still a long way to go, hopefully we can reach that new 200,000 record together, eagerly. I will wholeheartedly devote my soul to make this come true.

PS: StrayWolf is quite famous too!


4 responses to “Pleasant

  1. You’re a nice guy, Salamander, and I’m happy for your blog’s success.
    Please keep doing this for a while longer.

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