Some of you may not know her. Well, she’s a lyric composer and performer. In the past she has sang a few songs for Melty Blood and composed lyrics as well. Nowadays works as a professional media contents translator (videogames, manga, etc). A short bio can be found here.

The interesting fact is that she registered at Melty Bread via a contact of hers in Facebook. In THIS THREAD you can see how she introduced herself.

Hi :)

I came across a melty blood lover friend on FB and he invited me here ^^

Let me introduce a little bit about myself.

I am a singer of the song “Owarinai Mukai” “Owarinaki Mukai”.

And I wrote lyrics for AA

Opening Song “Blood Drain”

Ending Song “Everlasting Destiny”

Ending Song “Fortissimo in Silence”
(Seijaku no Fortissimo)

Ending Song “wandering in torture”

Moonlight Stage (fatefull showdown) BGM
“while the moon is hiding”
(tsukimori no toki ni)

A post later she commented:

I’ve recently revealed one of the mystery lyrics on my blog entry:

The lyrics of the Moonlight Stage (fatefull showdown) BGM
“while the moon is hiding”
(tsukimori no toki ni)


As you can tell is a pretty nice happening for us, the American fanbase, to get in contact with people who were involved in the making of Melty Blood. Specially because she is willingly to post in english often. Finally, she shared many ways to contact or follower her:

That pretty much is it for now folks.


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