TYPE MOON FES 1st Day report part 2

Shit gets real

POPULARITY POLL (female edition)

1. Saber
2. Ryougi Shiki
3. Rin
4. Arcueid
5. Aoko
6. Sakura
7. Alice
8. Kohaku
9. Saber Extra
10. Akiha
11. Illya
12. Caster Extra


8月10日発売の「TYPE-MOON Anniversary Phantasm」に描き下ろしコミック「戦車男」が掲載されるとか

  • Sensha Otoko will be published in the TYPE-MOON Anniversary Phantasm that will be on sale on August 10th. (thanks to an anon from /a/)


  • Apparently, they broadcasted the Main heroines date episode from Carnival Phantasm.

TYPE-MOON Fes.にて発表。月の珊瑚コミカライズ決定。作者は佐々木少年。空の境界未来福音 アニメ化決定

  • Tsuki no Sango (FUCK YES) comercialized by Sasaki Shonen (same artist who made the Tsukihime manga)

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TYPE-MOON Fes.にて発表。アポクリファが動く2012年冬

  • Fate/Apocrypha publication (novel)  for 2012 Winter


  • TSUKIHIME REMAKE (FUCK) PV was presented, Ciel suffered some considerables changes.

【速報】空の境界 未来福音アニメ化決定!! 両儀式を演じるのは、もちろん坂本真綾さん。TYPE-MOON Fes.にて、ビデオレターでご本人から発表がありました

  • Mirai Fukkuin anime confirmed
  • Fate/stay night Realta Nua for PS Vita. ufotable will animate the openings for this.

FATE/EXTRA サウンドドラマCDシリーズ化決定

    • Fire Girls novel by Hoshizora Meteo
    • Illustrations will be in charge of BUNBUN
    • A character was introduced in its respective PV
    • Fate/Extra Sound Drama CD.
    • HibiChika Drama CD Series: Starlit Marmalade (haha, these names)


  • Apparently no new info was given
  • A theme song  [サクラメイキュウ] “Sakura Maze” could be heard


Sources: Sumisora | Otanews

10 responses to “TYPE MOON FES 1st Day report part 2

  1. >The Mushroom answered my question
    Haha, oh wow.

    Anyway, is that Tsukihime PV anywhere on the internet? I need it.

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