Tsukihime Remake new designs



19 responses to “Tsukihime Remake new designs

  1. Ciel is looking way better in this new design. Akiha didn’t change much, but I feel she’s a little more differentiated from Rin now. But I still need to see that Arc Mini-skirt thing. That’s where the trouble lies.

  2. Akiha looks like Azaka from Garden of Sinners. You can see a bit of Arc’s mini skirt design by the silhouette. Look like Arc is wearing a winter hoodie jacket with fur on the bottom rim in very short mini skirt. Shorter than the one Ciel is wearing

  3. WAIT WTF happened to Arcueid?

    I like Ciel though. Akiha looks a bit like Aoko, or maybe Its just me.

    But seriously I don’t mind the mini skirt but don’t you dare mess up with Arc’s hair Takeuchi!

  4. Mhmm Arc mabye is better with the old style, she reminds me the fate/extra version :S.
    Akiha is gorgeous always, but i want to see Hisui’s & Kohaku’s restyle.
    I like this new style for Ciel, yes as Fragarach says she seems like Sajou or new Touko’s remake, but with this she look ways more feminine instead of a tomboy >w<.

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