Hana no Miyako

The glasses are a surprise.

In case you’re oblivious as to what this is, please check THIS.

I don’t know much but that ain’t gonna stop from posting because I love Miyako.

What we know:

  • Feels more like a parallel world, like Prisma Illya
  • There are characters with the following surnames: Nanaya, Kishima, Kugamine, Asagami, Mitzusuri and Sokaris. If you’re into Type-Moon you should know these by now. See picture above.
  • Merem (the blog author who posted about it) says that it had a little reminescence to Little Busters
  • She still trains Baji Quan

The rest are more  impressions, but  my japanese is too weak and my laziness unbearable so I’ll fold for the moment. There are things like a School Ranking  and a failed junior high school life for example. I’d like to know the details. Having it translated would be better after all.


2 responses to “Hana no Miyako

  1. Mhmm a parallel world souns good, but i’ll hope plot it’s more gripping than prism Illya.
    Beside Megane-Miyako is too cute :Q_…..

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