Hana no Miyako chapter 2 preview

Borrowing yet more pictures from Merem’s blog.

In the end of chapter one Minoru kind of fell in love with Miyako.

Oh yeah, I’m still looking for a translator for the first chapter. Since I don’t want to make a half-assed job with the translation I require some help, even though I think working with the raws will be a mess due to the dimensions of each page, but it can’t be helped.


Some info from the TM Ace 8. From here:

– The reason for the delays is that the prototype more or less felt like a rehash of Extra. The company gave them an extension, so they decided to redo the environments and stuff from scratch, while Nasu expanded the scenario. He was confident that he could do it in two months, but was unable to make it, leading to another extension.

– Red Saber has sameface because they wanted to trick people into thinking that she was Arturia, and then surprise them when they played the game.

– The idea for CCC was hatched right after Extra went on sale, but was put on hold until they saw that people wanted a sequel

– Secret Gardens are replacing the Matrices, and as one progresses the flower petals on the drawings will go away until the girl (and Nasu just confirmed that all Secret Gardens/bosses will be female) is nekkid.

– According to Nasu, CCC is the seinen to FSN’s shonen.

– There are no time limits like the previous game, since the Grail war system is gone. Instead the player can advance at his/her own pace.

– Gil was utterly broken when Nasu test-played the game (to the point that Gil was described as “Hax” mode on the Servant selection screen). He actually doesn’t know if they’re going to adjust the power balance or just stick with it. Gil belongs to no class because Nasu, after pondering what class to put him in, decided that “there’s no need to constrain [Gil] like that anymore.”

– BB “is not as bad a person as she seems.” He wanted to take her in a different direction from yandere Dark Sakura; instead, BB is the “impish kohai.”

– Jinako was actually a request from the staff; they wanted a “NEET girl.” They already had the illustration done, so he took it from there.

– Otherwise, he has had far more free rein with CCC than Extra and was pretty much able to write whatever he pleased.

– Nasu says that this is more or less the finale for Fate, at least from him.


Please be true.

Tsukihime redesigns from TM Ace Vol 8

So, what do you think?

I think the most radical change everyone is concerned about is Arc’s. Here’s my opinion on the matter:

I, for one, like it. It’s certainly hard to just accept such a colossal change all of sudden specially when is something that’s been going on for a decade. Needless to say remove a characters iconic visual traits is plain worrisome. But it’s not really bad in my opinion. The boots are actually quite nice and not horrible as the fanart made me fear. The big breasts and sweater are there so that’s something really iconic still there, the mini skirt is feels weird, but neither is ugly. It’s gonna take some time to get use to it.

I’ll forever prefer the old design though.

Oh, and here’s some Mana