Tsukihime redesigns from TM Ace Vol 8

So, what do you think?

I think the most radical change everyone is concerned about is Arc’s. Here’s my opinion on the matter:

I, for one, like it. It’s certainly hard to just accept such a colossal change all of sudden specially when is something that’s been going on for a decade. Needless to say remove a characters iconic visual traits is plain worrisome. But it’s not really bad in my opinion. The boots are actually quite nice and not horrible as the fanart made me fear. The big breasts and sweater are there so that’s something really iconic still there, the mini skirt is feels weird, but neither is ugly. It’s gonna take some time to get use to it.

I’ll forever prefer the old design though.

Oh, and here’s some Mana


19 responses to “Tsukihime redesigns from TM Ace Vol 8

  1. I think the long skirt gave Arc a better look. It was more like a woman, or rather, a princess. To be fair, It’s a bit hard to me to imagine the Arc from Tsukihime using a miniskirt. Not only that, but it looks far more generic than before. Long skirts always gave Tsukihime designs quite a unique feel to me. More mature, I’d say.
    Ciel is looking better. She still looks like Ciel, but her forehead is not as weird as before.
    Akiha is… well, Akiha. It was mostly small modifications on her design. I think that changing her too much would end up damaging her iconic Oujou style.
    And she’s still as steep as a cliff.
    And dat Mana…

    • I can agree with the mature look. But I don’t know man. I don’t know if money is the reason they “renewed” the designs. To be fair, I don’t really like Ciel that much now, she had a different vibe before. Akiha is fine, don’t really understand people complaning about her.

  2. I see it’s bad. At least for me. I’m too much addicted to “classic” Takeuchi style. For what reason mini-skirt on almost throusand-years old princess? And this hairstyle also looks worse. Ciel does not look as good as before in her guy-ish style… Only Akiha does change too much. But in fact she is not main person on this event.

    I still likes more the old concept-art, that shows (IMHO) ideal evolution of the Tsuki visual style.
    Here: http://1-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/jp/image/1344/61/1344615752107.jpg

    • We’re just too use to it. And it feels really awful to accept a change all of sudden. Even though is generic now, I really hope Nasu does not get any funny ideas and remove some characters gimmicks. I.e Ciel and her curry obsession.

      The old designs are too outdated on their eyes, that’s what I believe.

  3. Let’s go Step by Step:

    1) Akiha: Little changes, very little changs luckily. she seems a bit more mature then before. I don’t mind at all this this new style, but maybe i’m not too objective :Q_.

    2) Ciel: Finally she looks like a woman now. It’s a bit odd and will take time to be accustomed (since she isn’t the one who have “made the history”) but now hers route will go decisively smoothly ^^ [Maybe hers glasses are a bit too modern for hers character…].

    3) Ark: In se per se this new style is good, boots and mini-skirt are a good combo.. for a teenager (since she look more younger than before), or a bit older woman, but like betherv and Gustavo said, for a multi-millenium princess i’ll prefer a mature outfit. Long skirt gives her a more exalted and classy look… now she reminds me more a mix between Canaan and Maria then the old Ark D: [ http://static.zerochan.net/Canaan.full.945972.jpg ]

    4) Mana: Nhgggg, i’m too excietd for the next film \’w’/

    5) Last but not th least: Where’s Hisui & Kohaku TwT!!!!

  4. Akiha and Ciel’s new designs are very nice.
    However, I am very not used to Arc’s new hairstyle and clothing, just doesn’t match my previous perception of her, and as people above said, the long skirt was much better.

    ~Diehard TM fans lol

    • “The clothing may not be suited for a Princess” – yes, I agree. But is also a valid argument to claim the clothing goes well with her cheerful and playful personality (that I fucking love). In the end, it’s a matter of perception. I’ve seen many points of view regarding Arc’s character these days, mainly two.

      -“Old Arc was better, the mini skirt does not suit her, she’s an ancient princess”
      -“I like it, the clothing fits with her personality. Considering she obtains knowledge from the current world is not really a big suprise to wear these clothes.”

      Now tell me, which do you think is the best description?

      • While I can understand Arc doing that kind of thing, as soon as we get to Red Arc things start going weird.
        You see, the way she was, Arc could look cheerful, serious and frigging scary if needed. Red Arc has a distinctive witch look that made her completely awesome. With the long skirt, she really looked like a medieval demon who could and would kill you in a sec if you did any stupid thing.
        As of now, Arc is more cheerful, but I find it very hard to picture her as the terrifying monster that she sometimes become.
        It’s just too damn cute.

      • [ -”Old Arc was better, the mini skirt does not suit her, she’s an ancient princess”
        -”I like it, the clothing fits with her personality. Considering she obtains knowledge from the current world is not really a big suprise to wear these clothes.” ]

        2 Equal good point of view, but what i can’t understand is – why make her looking younger and the other 2 main heroine more “older” ?…

        P.s: yeah multiple-outfit… i hope Phantasmoon costume will not be restyled…

    • It’s all guilty of TM – they created too much WIN games and addictive personalties, and NOW they just try to pump money from fans. Why they not listen? Of course, maybe they has different angle of view about their stories, heroes, and such, who knows. I can not understand it at all. For me, style is first thing in VN (I just realized this myself). You build image of a person in your mind, almost animate it, got addicted to it, but this image very fragile, and now TM break it completely. For me it is catastrophe, since their (books? games?) best of all I read, and I’m such huge fan of Arc. For what we can hope now?…

      PS sorry for that, I just has mental pain looking at these new scans. Poor Sara. No Fate.

  5. Its not a bad thing for me Arc redesign I really like it, she no longer look like an old fashion woman anymore she look like a fashionable teenager now.

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