Outside the Universe misc


Well, updated the Encyclopedia with some stuff from Outside the Universe -a side story written by Nasu narrating Kanata meeting Ookumaneko Mokumoku-  it might look confusing but bear with it for the moment. Eventually more will be added since I haven’t finished reading it yet. I’m probably halfway.

Thanks to the people from Living FLCL for the picture.


2 responses to “Outside the Universe misc

  1. You know, everytime you update the encyclopedia I get more curious about DDD. I must confess that the urban fantasy detectivesque side of the Nasuverse is the one I find most interesting.
    Oh, and Kanata seems really, really broken.

    • Do you think Kanata is broken because of the 1.5 km/h thing? You have see nothing yet. She also turned and round kicked those needles sometimes. You could say the strongest Kanata is this. vt.in day dream Kanata is a formidable enemy as long as her enemy is not a Servant level or superior too.

      Even then, the powerlevels and how they do work in this story are something unique. Perfect to use in powerlevels discussions because not many have read this so they cannot deny anything. Almost a troll story. It does not help that getting the book where this was included is hard too. Funnily enough, this story is not about powerlevels in the end! It’s a lot of character development.

      Yeah, DDD is more mystery and I like that quite a lot. I’m kinda grateful there is no love interest or the sort in it.

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