11 responses to “TSUKIHIME REMAKE PV

  1. Gotta love the new design for Satsuki AND the fact tha she was shown in that PV all but confirms that we’ll finally see her route. God knows she’s my favourite Tsukihime girl (yes, weird, I know). However, I wished we’d have a look on Shiki’s, Nero’s and Roa’s new designs.
    I am really excited to see how they’ll work around Professor Chaos. Expectatives are high.

    • This pv had made me thrill…. Finally Koha&Hisu portraits, very good and fortunatly not so distant from older version.
      Pleased surprised for new Sacchin, very cute (hype skyrocket for her’s route).
      indeed, i want to see Shiki, Nero, Roa and neko Ark x3 designs too.

      • Well, as long as they don’t do something stupid I think I’ll like it. Old Nero’s design was quite cool. It was simple yet gave the right feel.
        There’s not much to go wrond with him. As long as they don’t give him a miniskirt, that is.

      • They must characterize Nero as good as the manga did. I personally want a bit more of backstory from him. His research and how he became a DAA.

        Nero with a miniskirt is as frightening as it gets though.

  2. Thanks God – only two key persons design failed. I mean, Arc and Ciel. Others are so-so. Music good. Well, at the end, it still worth as Satsuki route. But as conclusion of ten years of waiting… OK, I do not want to judge by just pv. But some thoughts already appeared…

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