S.vs.S-1 Intro


This is far from perfect, but I decided to give it a try because I was bored,  not to mention that SVS and Kazumi are both pretty awesome.


Set position, take back. Step, release, strike.
At that moment, my body will turn into a screw.
No matter who the batter is, I cannot allow him to even graze it.
Charming, fluent harmony between flesh, bones and will.
Humanity that was lost among overdone repetitions. Waist and elbows that have erected a mountain of corpses.
Shouts of joy on this frying pan.
Yelling alluding of laurels resound.
Painful blazing heat.
Lungs scorching with the stench of summer.
The figure of the head of a woman who hung herself.
Shivering from the cold-looking , cloudless blue sky.
The stadium resembles a blue universe, and at its center, today too, I am alone once again.
But, somebody also told me it was the end.
Unsightly pitching.
Hopeless wild pitch.
From the point of view of a spectator, it might look like the funniest thing, the fielder’s choice so far have been splendid.
I averted my eyes from a dull sound I don’t want to hear.
And,  at that moment,
it was the first time I heard the sound of broken bones.


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