We SVS now

Since I literally have nothing to do I might as well post this. It’s just an update to the DDD Encyclopedia. To be more specific, the SVS description. This update covers most of its rules and a slightly better phrasing. Ctrl+F: A special



5 responses to “We SVS now

  1. What’s the deal with “FORMALHAUT” and “formalhunt”? I guess that they’re different romanizations and one is a reference to Lovecraft, but you seen to use both. Is formalhunt the chapter and FORMALHAUT the character’s nickname?

    • Both are the names of two diffirent chapters. I guess Nasu picked formal hunt because of the whole hunting going on during that chapter (silly I know, it’s just a guess). FOMALHAUT’s origin is just what you said, a nickname derived from Lovecraft.

      May you ask about characters with a relationship between these two chapters then there are a few I can think of right now:

      -Tomori has a fight in FOMALHAUT
      -Tomato vs Hinomori
      -Hinomori already met Arika
      -Hinomori vs Kanata is the long awaited fight many are yearning for!

  2. Is Lovecraft or his work directly referenced in the text? (The first thing that comes to mind when I hear Fomalhaut is the star of the same name.)

    • During the second act of FOMALHAUT Hinomori visits Arika in his apartment to help him think of a new name, tells Arika how his life is technically a race against death, his immortality and the boiling blood that runs through him. This triggers Arika’s imagination and an image according to certain myth flashes in his mind: “A god of fire that was trapped somewhere in a fixed star” Cthugha was imprisoned into Fomalhaut. The name of Lovecraft nor Cthugha are directly stated but everything leads to this interpretation.

      Tomato later recalls the arab meaning of Fomalhaut which is “Mouth of the Fish” but that’s it. I guess the only ones that know the real meaning behind it are Arika and Hinomori himself.

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