Hana no Miyako! chapter 4 preview

Why are we so late? ;_; From Merem’s blog once again. Anyways,


let’s try to decipher this shit:

3./ Kuzuki Ami -葛水 亜魅

4./ Maria E Sokaris -マリア・E・ソカリス

8./ Kugamine Kunitsuna -久我峰 国綱

9./ Due to the loss of a Golden Badge this position is vacant (Minoru)

10./ Mitsuzuri Minoru -美綴 稔

15./ Asagami Touya? -浅神 藤耶

21./ Sagara Masaki/Kazuki? -相良 和機

997./ Akasa Maki -朱紗 慎妓

1666./ Fudou Akira -不動 晶

2001./ Nagare Ryouko -漆 亮子

2222./ Kisaragi Hanei -如月 羽衣

2469./ Nanaya Shiki -七夜 詩希

2497./ Arima Miyako -有間 都古

May I inform you that  the number of students at Asagami is 2500.

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