Hana no Miyako CH2 022

When will they stop trolling Shiki? ;_;


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    • Translation – 100% Certain person wants to revise it, but I think is fine as it is right now.
      Typesetting – Shouldn’t take long, two or three days at best.
      Cleaning – Two pages with some floating text are left but they’re easy as long as I have time. However, there’s a little issue with the page spreads that need to be redrawn, thus, the chapter it’s prone to a further delay unless somebody wants to help out with that. Would you, Dusk?

      On the other hand, if by any divine force the first chapter is completed, the second chapter is already as good as done. All it needs is some tweaks to my sketchy translation, remove some floating text and the typesetting.

      Floating is the worst.

      • If I can help to get this thing done faster, then I’d be glad to, though I’m not sure if I can be of any use. Still, if you need anything, just ask.

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