Prisma Illya announced for this Summer


Cast (pretty much the same featured in the Drama CDs):

Ilya -Mai Kadowaki
Magical Ruby – Naoko Takano
Miyu Edelfelt – Kaori Nazuka
Magical Sapphire –  Miyu Matsuki
Kuro – Chiwa Saitou
Rin Tohsaka – Kana Ueda
Llviagelita Edelfelt – Shizuka Itou

A PV will be shown in the next ACE 2013 (Anime Contents Expo).

Via Yaraon

I’m so late. Girls’ Work news never.

7 responses to “Prisma Illya announced for this Summer

    • This can’t be “cash cow-type” series like Stay Night… i’ll prefer Heaven’s Feel route movie or finally a Tsukihime anime series…
      but i’m still happy for this animation 7w7… yeah

      • They could go for the Nanoha route, given the simiarity of both series. I can see them selling truckloads of thingies based on Illya’s loliness alone. And Gil-ko is some serious shotaro matterial, if reports are to be believed.
        Looking for the bright side, if this sells as well as I think it will, TM will be like Uncle Scrooge and then we might get Tsukihime, HF and Mahoyo. But Girl’s Work never.

      • Beside goods and stuff (and i don’t mind illya loli stuff), the animation can cover only the two series (at least 1-2 ova), what i mean is: I want moar animation from juicy-deepest series, like you said: Tsukihime, HF, Hollow ataraxia, Mahoyo, Notes or DDD (:Q_), instead this filly-frilly seires (and i don’t mind the manga volumes).
        They have plently of money to do that, the don’t need more x3

      • I doubt this season will cover 2wei anyway.

        I dropped Prisma Illya after the first part, second part got bad and I didn’t even bother to continue.

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