Type-Moon and the AMASIA BOX


Nothing TM related to post about lately…! Although I could very well post the second Volume appendix of DDD now that it’s been done since weeks ago…

I’ll just throw some random info for now. Would you kindly be my guest?

Let’s talk bout the Amasia Box. But first;

What was the Amasia Box and how is it related to Type-Moon?

Also known as “KODANSHA AMASIA BOX”. Published sometime around 2010 by Kodansha iself. Six writers and other illustrators were involved in the making of this work if memory serves me right. The list of writers goes as follows: Shunji Enomoto, Hiroyuki Yasuda, Oda Tobira, Jiro Taniguchi, (based) Kenji Tsuruta and Kinoko Nasu. As you can tell mostly were mangaka.

The AMASIA BOX included both “Outside the Universe” (story and short manga) and a little story Nasu wrote called “MAGNITUNING”.

Why is it related to Type-Moon?
Well if you have been visiting this blog long enough you must be aware of this place’s hipster tendency of writing about DDD. And that’s the reason for this post.

Now then, let’s go part by part:

Outside the Universe (宇宙の外)
As unpopular as DDD itself. A story featuring featuring “Ookumaneko Mokumoku” -until then just a side character- and a well-known little sister: “Ishizue Kanata”. Shunji Enomoto drew a short manga based on its events (pic related).

Across the story we can see a Kanata with the urge to kill some time (and other things), making her way out of her chamber (more like a prison) with the help of the docile Origa Vice-president. Then, Kanata resolves going to a room nobody has stepped in for a long time. That room was located in her own ward; “Ward D” and its number was: “The Room No.404”, however, as this room was a mystery to even those patients (monsters) of Ward D and even though what lied inside resulted very attractive to pry into, no one tried doing it before, after all, the Hospital files didn’t even consider an active room anymore.

Before she destroys the iron door intruding in her way, a dim, puzzling voice spoke a few words, resembling a warning to her:

“Don’t come in. Don’t come in. You cannot withstand my power. If you come in you’ll regret it.”
“Cherish life, don’t enter my world.”

…this of course was the voice of Mokumoku, a 30 years old NEET who hid an unimaginable power.



Don’t have much to say. Apparently, he was given an image and asked to create a story based on it. This book was sold separate and labeled as “3/16事件 (講談社BOX) [単行本(ソフトカバー)]” or “March 16th Incident.” It’s opening lines are:

Today, you’ve been selected as one of the runners.”

Probably Nasu’s most underground work ever.

6 responses to “Type-Moon and the AMASIA BOX

  1. Oh wow. Seriously, how were you able to find these two stories ? I’m quite sure even Japanese hardcore TMfag don’t even know about Amasia Box. It’s impressive, to say the least. And you even find raw for the chapter or just a summary somewhere in the deepest part of Internet ?

    • The post is mostly of my authory. As for the text I read (a long time ago and probably have somewhere in an old HDD, don’t even know if it exists online anymore) was chinese. I never finished MAGNITUNING because of time, and because I’m not exactly good either. The picture of Mokumoku was borrowed from FLCL’s russian translation of the short manga and the Magnituning picture was provided by an anon.

      This post was pending as a draft from months ago, but I decided to save it for whenever the blog went through stillness like this month. I’m glad to see it worked even if just a bit.

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