Hana no Miyako! Cast (so far [contains huge spoilers])

It’s been a while.  Hana no Miyako! is now 6 chapters long! it’s been a fun ride so far so this merits for a long post.


Kirishima Takeru character’s designs, TM Ace 8. Click to enlarge the picture

I resolved to add characters with minimum info too, conversely those who only  show up in one panel and with no dialogue are not included.

From right to left


Kurogiri Sakura (玄霧 サクラ)
A.k.a “Sharp-ears Sakura”. A somewhat gloomy girl. Holds esteem for Minoru and calls him “President”. Contrary to her looks, she’s willing to fight if needed. Sakura’s peculiarity is that she (or her ahoge?) receives information before it’s leaked out, one could say she’s opportune.

Moriuno Akiha (杜宇野 秋葉)
The chairman of the Academy. A.k.a “Empress” (女帝). An assertive woman with clear objectives. Her hobby is speech and is rumored to have designed the uniforms of the current Asagami.

Mitsuzuri Minoru (美綴 稔)
10th (former 9th) at the Ranking, former owner of a Golden School Badge. A popular second year male student. Part of the Archery club.

Called “Giant” for his notorious height. Has a thing for cute things, specially  girls. Back then when Minoru was especially beaten up and had his badge snatched, Miyako left a strong impression on him —both of awe and affection—and it’s since then that he’s interested in getting to know Miyako better, nevertheless the chance and circumstances haven’t been favorable for a meeting, not to mention he’s mistaken believing that Miyako IS the one possessing the badge. A really cool guy despite his scary fighting appearance. Acquaintance with Asagami buchou!

Maria E. Sokaris (マリア・E・ソカリス)
4th at the ranking.A stern and tan student with blond hair. Former Student Council member. First seat member of the Audit Committee of Asagami Academy. Current member of Akatsuki Kai.

After she desisted her charge from the Student Council her duties switched to inspecting the fairness of the Ranking. It’s pretty usual to see her carrying something like a tablet where she administers the Ranking and other stuff like Clubs management (i.e transferences, closures, etc). As of now, she’s entrusted the task of destroying Kuzuki Ami —due to her involvement at Camelot— as requested by Kizuki President. Maria’s thoughts process is similar to Sion’s, characterized for the various calculus and precision and, like Sion too, utilizes a fiber resembling Etherlite which he employed against her first attempt at capturing Ami.
Kugamine Kunitsuna (久我峰 国綱)
8th at the Ranking. Asagami Academy Student Council President. Made a few reforms to the Ranking. Doesn’t seem to hold much power by himself, though he probably can cause some trouble to Maria.

Kuzuki Ami (葛水 亜魅)
A Golden Ranker. 3th at the Ranking. A troublesome yet kind girl.

Ami has a huge interest for Miyako since the moment she saw her strike down Minoru. Days later Kizuki President ordered her to look for the whereabouts and the owner of the stolen badge. During this mission she bumped into Shiki (whose stalking was in progress as well), because Shiki got into trouble Ami rescued her by copying one of Miyako’s techniques. Before Asagami Academy she was at a school called “Camelot International School” where she caused some quarrels and chaos to the point that past the time their directive (I suppose) sent a protest addressed to Kizuki President.

President Kizuki (姫月 会長)/Himetsuki Arc (姫月アルク)
President of Akatsuki-Kai. A scary little girl with a sadistic semblance. There is apparently someone called Arturia at Camelot that is fond of Kizuki President. The Kuzuki Ami written protest was delivered to her. Her current place in the ranking is (one would think she’s top 5 or something) unknown.

Akasa Maki (朱紗 慎妓)
997 at the Ranking. Aikido Club female member. Much stronger than Shiki. Kind of tsundere at times in my opinion. Brought another member “Fujou Ruri” to the Aikido Club thanks to Maria’s help.

Fudou Akira (不動 晶)
1666 at the Ranking. First year, class 3, female student. Nicknamed “Aki”. One of Shiki’s friends, the girl with the shortcut-hair style. Idiots Trio member!

Kisaragi Hanei (如月 羽衣)
2222 at the Ranking First year, class 3, female student. Blondie too. Pet name: “Honey”.

One of Shiki friends, an honour student-type girl, wears glasses. Part of the Idiots Trio. Likes to bully Shiki.

Arima Miyako (有間 都古)
Height: 152 cm; Weight: 52kg; Blood type: O.
Currently at the bottom of the ranking (2497th).  First year, class three. Called “Number one at attendance”.

Miyako possesses chesnut braid hair and wears a longer skirt compared to the rest of the students, her outfit is also accompanied by a pair of black-framed glasses hiding her eyes. Miyako’s plain looks and unsociability with her classmates triggered her quietness so much so that she transcended to being considered something akin to a phantom, causing her presence to barely be felt by others. Apparently, junior high was a failure for her.

Originally didn’t belong to any Club. Then by a twist of the whirling fate got to make acquaintance of Shiki (a bit reluctant at first, but still) who invited her to join the Aikido Club as a way of preventing its closure. She straightly refused, but Shiki didn’t give up. Some more stuff occurred and Miyako ended up beating Minoru and snatching away his badge bestowing it to Shiki —who was in panic.

Emotionally, she seems to  grieve for something that is still unclear and her unique goal is to enjoy her high-school life as much as is possible. After being stalked by Shiki and having ignored all of Shiki’s pleas, Miyako got to meet Ami before classes. They had a little encounter (Miyako mostly evaded and restrained herself) in which Ami warned her that, if she didn’t accept a match against her, she would reveal everything about  the badge and the battle with Minoru, in the end, Miyako managed to escape (she personally isn’t worried about that but rather Ami having set an eye on her). After being chased and running away for a while, Miyako stopped incidentally at the enter of the Aikido Club, whose members came out to greet the random and noisy guest resting against one of the walls of their dojo. As she heard Ami’s approaching voice Miyako desperately ended up joining the Aikido Club as a way of evading Ami even more.

Now as a provisional member of the Aikido Club, Miyako is currently developing friendship towards everyone.

Nagare Ryouko (流 亮子)
2001 at the Ranking. First year, class 3, female student. One of Shiki friends. Quite distintive for adding “nya” at the end of her sentences. Came up with the “Idiots Trio” name which is composed by her, Honey and Akira.


Nanaya Shiki (七夜 詩希)
Current place in the ranking is very low (2469th).

Miyako’s classmate. Aikido club female member. A good-hearted girl that’s often bullied as a lesbian.
Not very good at Aikido either but excellent at the Tea Ceremony. She and Maki were given the mission of recruiting new club members in just one week to save the Aikido club by Asagami buchou! Met Miyako by chance and regarded her (or more like she didn’t know anybody else and seeing how Ryouko, Hanei and Akira said no she had no ideas) as a potential recruit for the Aikido Club. Once Shiki set her mind for on Miyako, she chased  her the very day she requested her become a member. On their way home, Shiki bumped into Minoru, who nicely tried to get her out and have a nice time together, however the distraction Shiki showed lead to a misunderstanding , (Shiki mistook a Tea Shop for a Love Hotel) and thus the bashful Shiki struggled trying to set free from Minoru’s hand, Miyako —also misunderstanding this—boldly faced Minoru, beat him up and grabbed hold of his Golden badge giving it to Shiki who wanted, but couldn’t reject it.

Then Shiki spent days looking for Miyako to return the badge and at the same time persuade her into joining the Aikido Club, but Miyako was nowhere to be found as she avoided or just plainly ignored Shiki. As Asagami Academy was shaken up by the happenings of the stolen badge, Shiki feared for he safety since Golden Badge Owners are  always targeted.  Shiki managed to meet Miyako at the classroom by chance too. Miyako asked Honey about the details of the Minoru incident. Shiki, fearing  of being called out by her pushed Miyako out of the way with no chance to ask her again.
(Chapter 3 gap)

It’s then that Shiki decided to stalk Miyako to capture a better perception of her so that it’d facilitate her persuasion. Shiki saw Miyako hanging around with other guys (a sort of hip-hop kin) completely unlike her, and so Shiki was surprised. Some other stuff happened that ended up with Shiki getting into trouble with other guys, but for her good fortune Ami rescued her. They talked for a bit, Ami was surprisingly kind.

When the last day Miyako could join the club came, she was absent the whole morning. Shiki fearing the worst and now feeling defeated, stood all day absent-minded. Later in the day Shiki received a visit (by a chased Miyako) who dropped by the Aikido Club. Due to unknown circumstances to Shiki, Miyako ended up joining the club and are now little by little harboring friendship. HOWEVER, Maria seems to be targetting Shiki, what could happen now?

Fujou Ruri (巫浄瑠璃)

A Silver Ranker.
The member Akasa got to join the Aikido Club through Maria’s influence. Her duty is to give reports to Akatsuki Kai of whatever happens inside the Aikido Club.

Asagami Fujiya (浅神 藤耶
Third year female student. President (captain) of the Aikido club. 15th at the Ranking, a  Silver Ranker.
A girl of nonchalantly character, tolerant with Shiki. Was alone in the Aikido club for one year. Because of this and not meeting the number of members required to run a scholar club eventually attracted Maria’s attention whom thus issued a request notice to gather the needed club members. Has the best body in my opinion. Despite her lackadaisical attitude she’s considered a nuisance and a “potential recruit” to Akatsuki-Kai. Buchou is strong!
Kishima Kureha (軋間 呉葉)
A third year  female student. Member of the Disciplinary Committee.

Tall, dreadful, imposing and powerful —that is how people view her,  to the point that even Maria and Ami would prefer to keep their distance from her— yet, leaving aside all of her looks she’s a girly girl. The first appearance of Kishima was during Maria and Ami’s little brawl, she as a member of the Disciplinary Committee could not afford indiscipline and interrupted the fight. Kishima possesses an uncontrollable strength, and it’s this same strength that makes her look clumsy at times. Big friends with Asagami Fujiya.


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