Kara no Kyoukai will air on July


A 13 chapters series. The story follows the chronological order and  is divided like so:

  • Chapter 1-2: Garan no Dou
  • Chapter 3-4: Remaining Sense of Pain
  • Chapter 5-6: Overlooking View
  • Chapter 7-8: Murder Speculation Part 1
  • Chapter 9-13: Murder Speculation Part 2

To the surprise of many, Paradox Spiral and Oblivious Recorder are nowhere to be found in the airing schedule.

As for the different broadcasts to take part on July are as follows:

    July 5 (Friday) 24:00~
  2. BS11
    July 10 (Wednesday)27:00~
  3. Niconico Live Broadcast
    July 5 (Friday) 24:00~
  4. Bandai Channel
    July 19 (Friday) 24:00~

Kara no Kyoukai Broadcast News page

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Fate/Prototype will get a novel


Announced in the latest issue of the Comptiq magazine.

“Fate/Prototype SS”—it’s the name of the upcoming Novel of the Fate franchise. The story will be written by Sakurai Hikaru from Liar Soft, and the illustrations will be drawn by Nakahara. Its serialization is marked with the August issue of the Comptiq magazine which will be on sale from this July 10 onwards.

As a side note, we aren’t sure what SS stands for (some people assume it means side story). If I were to guess what that kanji is next to the SS it’d be “偏”, but I’m not sure. No, it was “仮”..provisional…temporal?

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