Fate/Prototype will get a novel


Announced in the latest issue of the Comptiq magazine.

“Fate/Prototype SS”—it’s the name of the upcoming Novel of the Fate franchise. The story will be written by Sakurai Hikaru from Liar Soft, and the illustrations will be drawn by Nakahara. Its serialization is marked with the August issue of the Comptiq magazine which will be on sale from this July 10 onwards.

As a side note, we aren’t sure what SS stands for (some people assume it means side story). If I were to guess what that kanji is next to the SS it’d be “偏”, but I’m not sure. No, it was “仮”..provisional…temporal?

Via: humanity6

I wish he returned to updating his blog.

10 responses to “Fate/Prototype will get a novel

      • Man, that sure brings back memories… Neko Arc the movie and Neko Arc Evolution. That stuff was crazy, I tell you.
        But, really, I’d rather a third DDD volume (really, the more I read what Salamander writes, the more curious I get about it), the fabled Tsukihime 2 or even something new.
        Still, since it’s not a Nasu written thing, I do hope he gets to do something interesting. I love the Nasuverse and if I am allowed to be greedy, I’d like to see new elements added to it.
        No matter how much I like Fate, the concept of the Grail Wars is getting tiring with all that overexposition. And I still didn’t get around what they’ve done to Jeanne d’Arc in Apocrypha and all the Saber-Clones. The first was good, all the others feel very cheap.

      • I just exchanged thoughts about Vol.2 with a japanese user from BL. It was cool to know people like it.

        And yeah, a good portion of this blog visits are thanks to DDD so I have affection for DDD.

      • :3, Even an animation (ova-movie) of first vol of DDD would be great ^^, but indeed Sabers-like clone are just awful… after Nero i can’t stand anymore ( Jeanne, Mordred, next one who will be?).

    • The story will be published in a magazine that gets scanned with regularity. There are worst scenarios you could expect, like no one scanning it ever. So in the end everything comes down to the brave soul willing to translate.


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