Sora no Soto manga short



…there’s only one line I’m not really was translated properly.


What the fuck did I just read?

This manga was drawn by Shunji Enomoto and it came bundled with “Outside the Universe” or “Sora no Soto” as some people call it, which is itself part of the Amasia Box, please refer to this post for more information. What you read here was a brief semblance of some events that lead to Kanata entering Mokumoku’s room. The first pages are pretty much this and other two (redundant much) pages of the actual story.

Nobody cares about DDD. Why did you translate it?


Do you own the book? Could you scan it?

The answer to both questions is No.

Tsuki no Sango when?

I’m not the translator of this series but I have contacted the one in charge, expect it soon.

What the fuck is going on with Hana no Miyako?

Let me tell y’all a little tale. Back then when I had so much free time I often got depressed  on the other side of the sea the RAW provider was being wired out by his job. However! You may  have believed this was just transient— oh how wrong I was. This setback extended upon preceding months to reach the situation we’re in now, that is to say five chapters behind of glorious Yamato land. But of course, just like everything in life there’s good news:

The three chapters I have on me (five, six, seven) might (with some good fortune of course) be completed this month. And there’s also a kind soul willing (hopefully) to buy the Tankoubon coming out this June 26 and scan chapter 3 and 4.  I’d post pictures of the progress but those’d be some huge spoilers.

Oh yeah, thanks to Juusan (faggot hasn’t commented here in a while) for cleaning the pages I loathed with all of my heart.

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