Kara No Kyoukai Chapter 21 [ENG]

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I have been thinking of making a post with the current TM manga works and its current scanlation groups. From my personal point of view, I think it’d be handy.

Whether I ever get to do it —well, that’s a different story.

Submit the “Strongest Servant” contest

An old thread that was revived a few days ago at BL.

Quotations all the way!

Originally Posted by nick012000  on July 24th, 2011

So, apparently, the author of the Fate/School Life manga is holding a contest until August for people to submit their own Servants, with the winner possibly appearing in the manga and becoming a semi-canonical Nasuverse character. Apparently one of the judging criteria is having the “strongest artwork”.


I can’t read it, and Google Translate isn’t working, so I can’t say for sure if this is true, but I was surprised there wasn’t already a thread on this, so I made one. Figured the folks on here might be interested in entering. I probably would if I had a Twitter account and/or any artistic skill whatsoever.

ufotable announces a new Fate/stay night project

Copy&paste because I’m feeling too lazy today.

Animation studio ufotable‘s founder Hikaru Kondo announced on Friday that ufotable will produce a new Fate/stay night project. Kondo did not specify the format that the new project will take, nor did he specify if the project will be a remake.

The tweet in question:

近藤光(ufotable) @hikaruufo

本日、ufotable による「Fate/staynight」の映像制作が発表されました。 宜しくお願いします。

Today, ufotable announced a Fate/stay night video/film/footage project. Please give us your best regards.

—Update 16/07/13——
This is the way the Fate project looked like:
TYPE-MOONxufotable Logo

A meadow-like hill (Battle of Camlann maybe?)

アニメ版Fate/Zeroのダイジェスト的映像群 BGMはZeroのもの
BGM is from Zero.

The flashback of Shirou and Kiritsugu could be seen. Shirou telling Kiritsugu: “I’ll suceed you in being a hero!”  and some Trace On scene.

The Fate OP from the Vita version showed up with some new scenes (according to him). Then a in a brief interval of time the legend “The story for the Next Generationof Children” appeared on screen.
The BGM was an Emiya arrange.

「Fate/stay night」のロゴ
Fate/stay night Logo.

「第5次聖杯戦争 映像化決定」
The fifth Holy Grail War animation decision, etc.

The under the moonlight scene: “I ask of you, are you my Master?”  seemingly had new frames. There were no voices in their speech though.