And even more DDD

Faceless catcher

So yeah, the pseudo-encyclopedia was updated. I’ll probably post one more update later and be done with this.

Removed some uncertainty, added brand new bits, corrected a few lines and whatnot. If you (fellow russians) notice something wrong go ahead and drop a comment in this entry.

5 responses to “And even more DDD

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  2. > he indeed did hit homerunes one after another
    Well… Catcher, AFAIR, it is not entirely true. He died because he missed. I can find this moment in HandS, but my Russian-to-English translation is… erm… bad. And slow. Do you need it?
    (Could this be Arika? I haven’t any proof, but there are many coincidences.)

    • Just the required bit, don’t sweat it. I don’t remember mention of this Catcher in HandS. so refresh my mind.

      I translated that exact part of Catcher’s entry from a japanese encyclopedia so maybe it’s wrong. The only chapter I recall him being mentioned it’s the whole S.vs.S story.

      IIRC things go like this:
      >Kazumi, Kirisu and Catcher chillin’
      >Devil approaches
      >Catcher wishes for something
      >misssing, dead.
      >When Kirisu visits Sekura he says that Catcher’s wish was somewhat stupid, that he should’ve wished for a better batting rate or something like that instead of homeruns

      So yeah, I’m kinda unsure of that part too.

      • Just re-read the Catcher bit again (very first pages of S.vs.S-2 right?). He didn’t hit, just as you said. Thanks, and it’s now corrected.

        Damn, people even thought Catcher was a victim of domestic violence.

        That wish-granting mister sure is an asshole.

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