Submit the “Strongest Servant” contest

An old thread that was revived a few days ago at BL.

Quotations all the way!

Originally Posted by nick012000  on July 24th, 2011

So, apparently, the author of the Fate/School Life manga is holding a contest until August for people to submit their own Servants, with the winner possibly appearing in the manga and becoming a semi-canonical Nasuverse character. Apparently one of the judging criteria is having the “strongest artwork”.!/eiitirou/stat…79425285681152

I can’t read it, and Google Translate isn’t working, so I can’t say for sure if this is true, but I was surprised there wasn’t already a thread on this, so I made one. Figured the folks on here might be interested in entering. I probably would if I had a Twitter account and/or any artistic skill whatsoever.

Time elapsed and finally, almost two years later our bro in charge of scanlating Himuro no Tenchi yielded in to the insistence of other users and posted a couple of photos of the issue containing the entries of this contest:
Originally Posted by Ragnar on July 23, 2013.
Here’s part one of two. I’ll get the other one up in the next few days. I’ve added English captions for identification.
Original post here
Maybe I’ll translate one or two of those entries if I have the time.  Nevermind! Check the thread.

5 responses to “Submit the “Strongest Servant” contest

  1. Lovecraft as Caster.
    Well… given all the influence he haves and all the fellas who think Necronomicon is real (besides people who believe he actually tried to summon eldritch abominations) I think it’s valid. Far, far more valid than Shakespeare, Andersen or… god forgive me… Dog!Jeanne.

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