Amentia Nigthmare


Yujumochi Arou
Ward D patient. “Amentia.Nightmare”. Fused the whole Ward C along with the central six-story building. Ruzeru described him as: “the man that whose ambiguous consciousness has turned the surroundinng environment into a biological chaos”. Defeated by Kanata (selfdestructed).

An interesting depiction by “y”. 

I sort of encouraged months ago the guy to draw it, feels kinda nice.

——So we have a retarded, a girl with a singing polyp, other person that plays a yueqin, a girl that wears raincoats and another guy who dissolves its food because he cannot intake any solid, among other weirdos. Origa sure is/was an interesting place.——

Take-Moon: Don’t think, feel!

In this little chapter, our cheerful, perfect, pure and amazing heroine, Arcueid, finds herself in a predicament. Nobody wants to play with her! How will this Vampire Princess deal with the overwhelming boredom?! Read to find out how!

Then, the other day (weeks ago) while navigating through the vast seas of my HDD, I found this unfinished chapter of Take-Moon I started months ago. For some reason, I stopped this with only two or three pages —out of eight— left to “translate”. So basically,  after having found this again, I took the 15 minutes to make a new pseudo-translation.

This is literally a 10 minutes translation, so it is far from perfect. The required time of typesetting outweighs that of translating, how precarious of me.

As far as Volume two goes, this is one of the few Tsukihime chapters in need of a translation.

Translated Tsukihime chapters from Take-Moon Vol.2 are:

  • Catching A Goldfish (Sion and Shiki go to a festival, fun ensues)
  • Asagami Maniacs (Hanei and Souka get some screentime at last: The Chapter)
  • Blade -By yours truly. Needs a re-translation, though.- (Hisui finds a demonic sword which belonged to Makihisa-sama, yearns for the Tohno Blood)

currently missing three chapters more, from which only two,  were adapted in Carnival Phantasm (so there is little point in translating them).

Hana no Miyako! chapter 4 & 5


Chapter five quality (editing-wise) is questionable, and it’d be a pretty good idea if I were to remake everything, however I’m too lazy to do it.

Anyway, make everyone a favour and point out any typos (had there been any). I had a fucking typo in chapter three and it kept like that on online-readers because I never noticed it (though if you download it it is fixed).

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