Hana no Miyako! chapter 4 & 5


Chapter five quality (editing-wise) is questionable, and it’d be a pretty good idea if I were to remake everything, however I’m too lazy to do it.

Anyway, make everyone a favour and point out any typos (had there been any). I had a fucking typo in chapter three and it kept like that on online-readers because I never noticed it (though if you download it it is fixed).

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7 responses to “Hana no Miyako! chapter 4 & 5

  1. Miyako looked pretty good in that hood.
    And Ami sure is prone to panty shots. It kinda resembles Reiri from Kaibutsu Oujo.
    Oh, and now we’re starting to have a plot. I wonder if it’ll be Asagami vs Camelot or Akatsuki-kai vs everyone else. Maybe both.
    Thanks for the work.

      • I don’t remember any, but I’ll double-check here. Let’s see.
        Circunstances of Arima-san:
        page 108 – “Take [responsibility]”
        page 120 – “I remember watching it in some [hystorical] play”
        Chase after a harmonious spirit:
        page 22 – “a pleasure to make your [acquantaince]”

        I guess that’s all there is. Not much, really.

      • What. I don’t know where you got those. They’re all correct even in batoto.

        I already fixed the existent ones so there’s no need to continue with this.

        Ami is aware of her panty-shots but sometimes she’s not very good at hiding it (climbing up a tree and be hanging upside down ain’t a good idea either).

        Here, feel very special.

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